Exciting news today. Equilibrium Of Divinity is now free to play and gets a new patch!

First things first: If you encounter any bugs or balance issues, please report them to us either via our official forums here or through the Steam dicussion boards, so we can attempt to fix them. This version is not very well tested, so expect bugs.

To download the free version, head to the download section here on the official website. The free version is identical with the commercial version, but because the game uses Steams leaderboard feature, only players who own the game on Steam and are logged into their Steam account can have their highscore added to the leaderboard.
The new version is also available on the beta branch in Steam for everybody who owns the game on Steam.

Patch: 1.1.2 Changelog:

– Elite Monsters now spawn in Hard & Ultra Hard difficulties. Those monsters offer an extra challenge but can provide valuable rare drops.
– Added Wishing Well Landmark: This gives you more agency about the items you’ll find in future dungeons. But wishes are never free.
– Added Altar of Magic Conversion Landmark: This lets you convert some magical items that you don’t need to add permanent resistances to your characters.
– Agility breakpoints are added, which will affect your Spell Damage depending on your equip burden. There is more planned for this feature in the future.
– Added Filter Options for Gemcrafters the Crafting Menu.
– No more software mouse cursors (Should eliminate mouse lag)
– Stamina drain overhaul. Most spells and weapons have their stamina drain values adjusted to make stamina management more important. (especially for the early game).
– Lots of balance changes and bug fixes.